Many times when the web page is loading we often see a small piece of preloading animation. Pre-loaders are great tool to let your visitors know that the content is being loaded thus reducing a chance of visitor’s abandoning your website in this short period of time. HTML & CSS can be very well used to create amazing preloaders. In this compilation, we have collected 13 Awesome CSS3 Pre-Loader Animations which you can use for your website’s or apps UI. So let’s start with the list.

A Collection of CSS3 Animated Pre-loaders
A Collection of CSS3 Animated Pre-loadersPin

A collection and complete walkthrough of creating 6 different style css3 preloaders which includes Audio Wave, Circular Square, Crossing Shapes, The Snake, Glistening Window, Spinning Disc.

Pure CSS3 Loading
Pure CSS3 LoadingPin

4 different style of well-coded spinning preloaders made using CSS3.

Infinite Plug Wire Pre-loader
Infinite Plug Wire Pre-loaderPin

Follows a motion path with the use of animateMotion. Offsetting the plug was done by duplicating the motion path, shifting the path data.

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