Nowadays, icons are a vital part of web designing. Icons help us capture user’s attention and direct them to the corresponding content. Icons can help the visitors to easily navigate through the site and reach to the desired content. Moreover, icons are an important element of an effective and attractive web design. Effective usage of icons can tremendously improve the experience of your visitors. In this article we are featuring many Amazing Free Icons Sets that you can freely use in your designs. These icons are vector icons so they can be scaled to any size. This post will be regularly updated with new icon sets so keep visiting for the latest additions.

May 2017 Update:

48 Nolan Business Icons  
48 Nolan Business IconsPin

Created in their new Nolan style, the icons are great for adding some personality to an otherwise corporate site. Startups will love them, and they’re super flexible.

Price: Free

Simple Things in Life – 80 Icons  
Simple Things in Life - 80 IconsPin

A great set of colored icons showcasing some of the simple things we enjoy in our life. All icons were crafted with attention to detail and can be edited in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Price: Free

60 Business Icons  
60 Business IconsPin

A set of 60 free icons in a new design style that was recently added to the Icons8 collection: Ultraviolet. All icons are fully scalable and come in multiple formats so you can easily add them to your projects.

Price: Free

45 Food, Vegetables And Music Line Icons  
45 Food, Vegetables And Music Line IconsPin

A beautiful set of 45 line icons in three different categories: Food, Vegetables and Music.

Price: Free

100 Bold Purple Line Icons  
100 Bold Purple Line IconsPin

A set of multi-purpose outline icons in purple, striking with their simplicity and joy fit your website or a mobile app, or even infographic poster.

Price: Free

Hand Gestures iOS Tab Bar Icons  
Hand Gestures iOS Tab Bar IconsPin

Here’s a free pack of hand and finger gestures icons in line and filled (active) style. This set of icon shows finger actions such as press, hold, drag, point, holding a card, and more.

Price: Free

iOS Edge 216 Icons  
iOS Edge 216 IconsPin

A custom line-based icon set that is essential for every iOS app designer & developer. The icons follow the standard guidelines of Apple and work perfectly for iOS apps.

Price: Free

80 Material Office Icons  
80 Material Office IconsPin

Set of 80 free office icons in a simple outline style that would make a nice addition to your projects.

Price: Free

Ballicons 3 Free Version  
Ballicons 3 Free VersionPin

A free version of Ballicons 3 to touch and taste how cool they are.

Price: Free

Christmas Line Icon Set  
Christmas Line Icon SetPin

A beautiful icon set of 36 masterly-crafted Christmas line icons to cover you for upcoming Winter Holidays design projects. The freebie comes in all common formats: EPS, AI, SVG, and PNGs.

Price: Free

Smashicons: 100 Winter Icons  
Smashicons: 100 Winter IconsPin

An original new set of 100 Winter themed icons available in 3 styles – retro, yellow and solid.

Price: Free

Sport Badges  
Sport BadgesPin
Free 40 Education Icons  
Free 40 Education IconsPin
98 UI Pixel Perfect Icons  
98 UI Pixel Perfect IconsPin

This pack contains 98 outlines icons, fully scalable, separate describe artboards for each icon.

Price: Free

Emoticons Free Vector Pack  
Emoticons Free Vector PackPin

Collection of 30 emoticons designed in 3 different styles: line, color and line+color. All icons included in this pack are available in multiple formats and sizes so you can easily integrate them in your various projects.

Price: Free

Communication Icons  
Communication IconsPin

A pack of 12 communication icons in AI format.

Price: Free

Graphic Design Icon Set  
Graphic Design Icon SetPin

36 masterly-crafted, graphic design related flat icons! These easy to resize and customize vector-based assets would definitely become a useful addition to your toolbox.

Price: Free

Swifticons: 32×3 Christmas Icons  
Swifticons: 32×3 Christmas IconsPin

Set of 32 Christmas themed icons available in 3 styles: outlined, filled and colored. These polished icons come in multiple formats so you can easily add them on your personal or commercial projects.

Price: Free

Space Iconography: 36 Free Icons  
Space Iconography: 36 Free IconsPin

The freebie of the day is a great collection of 36 neatly designed icons inspired by celestial bodies and other various space elements. All icons were crafted with attention to detail, so don’t hesitate to add them to your resource inventory.

Price: Free

Smashicons: 170 Retro Business Icons  
Smashicons: 170 Retro Business IconsPin

A new set of 170 business icons in retro style available for Illustrator and Sketch. Each icon is fully-scalable and you can customize the colors and the stroke width.

Price: Free

Flat Line Fashion Icons Pack  
Flat Line Fashion Icons PackPin

These fashion icons come in various formats and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes.

Price: Free

100 Free Social Icons  
100 Free Social IconsPin
Shopping Icons  
Shopping IconsPin
Business Icon Set  
Business Icon SetPin

A full vector business icon set available in AI, SVG and EPS.

Price: Free

Fast Food Icons  
Fast Food IconsPin

A set of 12 fast food icons available in AI format.

Price: Free

September 2016 Update:

Music Genres Icons  
Music Genres IconsPin
6 Modern Education Icons  
6 Modern Education IconsPin
Capitalist Icons  
Capitalist IconsPin
Music UI Icons  
Music UI IconsPin
71 Free Animal Icons  
71 Free Animal IconsPin

Here we have for you an animal themed collection of 71 colored icons that would make a nice addition to your resource library

100 Airline Icons  
100 Airline IconsPin

Download 100 beautifully-crafted line icons perfect for your UI designs, infographics, and other creative projects. The package comes in all popular formats: Ai, Sketch, SVG, and PNG.

Weather Icons  
Weather IconsPin
30 Isometric Icon Set  
30 Isometric Icon SetPin

Treat yourself to this collection of 30 flat isometric icons inspired by the account industry. All icons included in the set are fully-editable and customizable in Illustrator and come in various PNG sizes.

Olympic Sport Icons  
Olympic Sport IconsPin
UI Icons for Sketch  
UI Icons for SketchPin
Color Icons  
Color IconsPin
70 Free All Purpose Line Icons  
70 Free All Purpose Line IconsPin
Travel & Vacation Icon Set  
Travel & Vacation Icon SetPin
CagoLife Icon  
CagoLife IconPin
1800 Free Minimal Icon Pack  
1800 Free Minimal Icon PackPin
Food & Drinks Icon Set  
Food & Drinks Icon SetPin
15 Apple Devices Icons  
15 Apple Devices IconsPin
60 Free Space Line Icons  
60 Free Space Line IconsPin
Essential Free Icons  
Essential Free IconsPin
Cyber Security – Part 01  
Cyber Security - Part 01Pin
Cyber Security Part 02  
Cyber Security Part 02Pin
Minimal Icon Set  
Minimal Icon SetPin
Lineking Freebie  
Lineking FreebiePin
48 Free Social Media Icons  
48 Free Social Media IconsPin
PROFI Icons  
PROFI IconsPin
SEO Flat Icons  
SEO Flat IconsPin
20 Free Outline Icons  
20 Free Outline IconsPin
Audio Controls Icons  
Audio Controls IconsPin
Sport Icons  
Sport IconsPin
Line Icon set  
Line Icon setPin
56 Food Icons  
56 Food IconsPin
40 Tool Icons  
40 Tool IconsPin

April 2016 Update:

Company Icon Set  
Company Icon SetPin
Fat Icons  
Fat IconsPin
16 Gesture Icons  
16 Gesture IconsPin
40 Health Icons  
40 Health IconsPin
33 Free Linear E-Commerce Icons  
33 Free Linear E-Commerce IconsPin

This freebie contains 33 pixel-perfect e-commerce and shopping icons. Inside the ZIP file you’ll find online store related icons such as coupon, shopping cart, money, a store front, wallet, piggy bank, sale tag, barcode, cash register, and much more.

40 Office Icons  
40 Office IconsPin
80s Gadgets – 40 Free Icons  
80s Gadgets – 40 Free IconsPin

Go back to the future and enjoy this playful retro set of 40 icons available in 5 sizes and 3 file formats.

25 Design & Shapes Icons  
25 Design & Shapes IconsPin

Get this impressive set of beautifully handcrafted flat icons. Design & Shapes category consists of 25 easily editable and ready to use icons designed in a consistent style and now available for free!

150 Simple Line Icons  
150 Simple Line IconsPin
Joy Icon Set  
Joy Icon SetPin
Set of Liquid Fuel Icons  
Set of Liquid Fuel IconsPin
Free Line & Filled Kitchen Icons  
Free Line & Filled Kitchen IconsPin
Hippie icons  
Hippie iconsPin
Swifticons – 52 Flat Activities Icons  
Swifticons – 52 Flat Activities IconsPin
Set of File Icons  
Set of File IconsPin
Point & Square Color Icons Pack  
Point & Square Color Icons PackPin
Barista And Coffee Lovers Icon Set  
Barista And Coffee Lovers Icon SetPin
9 Hipster Icons  
9 Hipster IconsPin
Apps And Products Features Free Icon Set  
Apps And Products Features Free Icon SetPin
Multipurpose Icons  
Multipurpose IconsPin

February 2016 Update:

The Months Of The Year Icon Set   nbsp;
The Months Of The Year Icon SetPin
Valentine’s Day Icon Set  
Valentine's Day Icon SetPin
Fitness Icons  
Fitness IconsPin
Healthcare Iconset  
Healthcare IconsetPin
Cities Icons  
Cities IconsPin
Bank And Money Icons  
Bank And Money IconsPin
Free Food Icons  
Free Food IconsPin
9 Handdrawn Icons  
9 Handdrawn IconsPin
50 Line icons  
50 Line iconsPin
Set of Free Isometric Line Icons  
Set of Free Isometric Line IconsPin
Valentine’s Day Free Icon Set  
Valentine's Day Free Icon SetPin
Gambling Icons Set  
Gambling Icons SetPin
200 Free Icons  
200 Free IconsPin
75 Free Outline Icons  
75 Free Outline IconsPin
UIcons: 140 Free Icons  
UIcons: 140 Free IconsPin

Treat yourself with this nice collection of 140 crisp and diverse icons, created to help you develop great UI projects. The UIcons cover 14 categories, come in two styles (line and filled), plus are available in multiple formats.

Colored Line Icons (SVG, PNG)  
Colored Line Icons (SVG, PNG)Pin
30 Free Icons  
30 Free IconsPin
Banking Icons  
Banking IconsPin
Nova: 350 Material Style Icons  
Nova: 350 Material Style IconsPin
Internet Vector Icons  
Internet Vector IconsPin
72 Icons Free  
72 Icons FreePin
Vector Line Icon Set  
Vector Line Icon SetPin

November 2015 Update:

1000+ Free Blobs Flat Icons  
1000+ Free Blobs Flat IconsPin
100 Free Web and App UI icons  
100 Free Web and App UI iconsPin
Voyage Icon Set (40 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)  
Voyage Icon Set (40 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)Pin
Epic Qvadrons  
Epic QvadronsPin
Creative Fields Icon Set  
Creative Fields Icon SetPin

A collection of 16 flat icons/pictograms with an original design and rich details that would make a nice addition to your design inventory.

Stroke Gap Icons  
Stroke Gap IconsPin
Retro Volume 2 Icon Set  
Retro Volume 2 Icon SetPin
City Icons  
City IconsPin

Available in formats: AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, SVG, WEBFONT

IconAlone: 135 Lyra Icons  
IconAlone: 135 Lyra IconsPin

A set of 135 high quality icons that will work great in a variety of web or mobile projects. All icons can be easily re-scaled and are available in ready to use SVG and PNG formats.

70 Awesome XMAS Icons  
70 Awesome XMAS IconsPin
Line Business Icons Pack  
Line Business Icons PackPin
Office And Business Icon Pack   
Office And Business Icon PackPin
280 Free Office/General Icons  
280 Free Office/General IconsPin
40 Illustricons Icons  
40 Illustricons IconsPin
Creaticons Free – Food & Beverages Vector Icons  
Creaticons Free – Food & Beverages Vector IconsPin
100 Free System Icons  
100 Free System IconsPin
Christmas Icons  
Christmas IconsPin
Weather App Icon Set For Mobile and Web  
Weather App Icon Set For Mobile and WebPin

August 2015 Update:


Kvasir: 180+ Icons
Kvasir: 180+ IconsPin
Sport Icon Pack
Sport Icon PackPin
42 Flat iOS Icon Set
42 Flat iOS Icon SetPin
Tiny Metaphors
Tiny MetaphorsPin
Free Construction Outline Icon Set
Free Construction Outline Icon SetPin
Birply Icons Vol2
Birply Icons Vol2Pin
Geoph Icon Set
Geoph Icon SetPin
Office Work Icons Set
Office Work Icons SetPin
20 Free Appliances Icons
20 Free Appliances IconsPin
Nanoline icons
Nanoline iconsPin
Urbanicons Final 60
Urbanicons Final 60Pin
PSD Icon Set
PSD Icon SetPin
Free Fruits Vector Icons
Free Fruits Vector IconsPin
One line – Free Startup icons
One line - Free Startup iconsPin
City Icon Set
City Icon SetPin
Cheetah 2.0 Icons
Cheetah 2.0 IconsPin
Business Simple Icon Set
Business Simple Icon SetPin
72 ICONS – Free Set
72 ICONS - Free SetPin
Free Summertime Icon Set
Free Summertime Icon SetPin
Twoo: Free Icon Set
Twoo: Free Icon SetPin
Love & Wedding icon set
Love & Wedding icon setPin
Icons Line Free
Icons Line FreePin
Web Outline Icons – 100% Vectors
Web Outline Icons – 100% VectorsPin
RetinaIcon: 200 Free Icons
RetinaIcon: 200 Free IconsPin

A large collection of 200 colored icons which you can add freely to your library. These icons were optimized for iOS, are pixel perfect and cover multiple categories so you can use them in a wide range of projects.

Free Icons Set for Landing Page
Free Icons Set for Landing PagePin
Fblu Free Icons
Fblu Free IconsPin
Weather Icons
Weather IconsPin

July 2015 Update:

Free Weather Icons (AI)
Free Weather Icons (AI)Pin
36 Retro Office Vector Icon Set
36 Retro Office Vector Icon SetPin
80+ Free Vector Flat Shopping Line Icon Set
80+ Free Vector Flat Shopping Line Icon SetPin
Flat Set of Business Icons
Flat Set of Business IconsPin
200 Windows 10 Icons
200 Windows 10 IconsPin

The freebie is a great collection of 200 Windows 10 icons designed with the same guidelines as the ones included in the preview of the new Microsoft OS.

12 Modern Square Rounded Icons
12 Modern Square Rounded IconsPin
100 Unigrid Flat Vector Icons
100 Unigrid Flat Vector IconsPin
70 Free Happy Character Icons
70 Free Happy Character IconsPin
36 Free Shopping icons
36 Free Shopping iconsPin
Misc Icons
Misc IconsPin
Outline Beer Icons
Outline Beer IconsPin
Epic Landing Page Icons
Epic Landing Page IconsPin
Free Wilderness/Camping Icons
Free Wilderness/Camping IconsPin
Simple Line Icons – Freebie
Simple Line Icons - FreebiePin
100 Handmade Icons About Home Stuff (exclusive)
100 Handmade Icons About Home Stuff (exclusive)Pin
440 BigMug Icons
440 BigMug IconsPin

This beautifully designed icon set contains 440 outlined and filled icons.

Free Minimal Icon Sets (SVG + PNG)
Free Minimal Icon Sets (SVG + PNG)Pin
20 Free Food Icons
20 Free Food IconsPin
Free PSD Long Shadow Icon Set
Free PSD Long Shadow Icon SetPin
Linea Free Iconset
Linea Free IconsetPin
Free Writing Icons
Free Writing IconsPin

There are 97 unique icons in this freebie. The file formats available are PNG, AI, EPS and SVG.

36 Thinking Icons PSD
36 Thinking Icons PSDPin
The Space Icon Set (50 Icons, SVG & PNG)
The Space Icon Set (50 Icons, SVG & PNG)Pin
Free Candy Icons In PNG & SVG Format
Free Candy Icons In PNG & SVG FormatPin
Free Circular Business Icons
Free Circular Business IconsPin
36 Free Website Icons
36 Free Website IconsPin

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